Feedback from a few lovely clients

"Wendy is the warmest human who just sees YOU. I have absolutely loved my EFT sessions with Wendy. I have been able to let go of things I've been holding onto for years. Wendy is an incredible practitioner and I have never felt so safe as I did with her"


"Working with Wendy has enabled me to sit more comfortably in my body and with the sensations created by my emotions, unlocking this power within me with her wisdom and kindness. Wendy is a cheerleader, a knowledgeable, empowering force with an ability to adapt her sessions with ease to meet the needs of her clients (even when they are super needy!!)."


"I always really look forward to my sessions with Wendy. She has worked with me on helping relieve symptoms of a chronic brain condition which was causing me a lot of physical pain on a daily basis. Thanks to EFT with Wendy, my symptoms have calmed down so much so that my neurologist is seeing improvements in my health and I’m able to do more ‘normal’ things again that I was restricted of beforehand. I would completely recommend Wendy and EFT to anyone in need of support."